Collection of plugins for softwares compatible with Nagios plugins

Release 20180528 latest

  • Enhancement: [http] handle hidden basic authent (#974)
  • Enhancement: add basic option to mode using http lib (#975)
  • Enhancement: [sonicwall] enhance modes outputs and thresholds (#978)
  • Enhancement: [quadstor]{vtltapeusage} add tapes count (#987)
  • Fix: [f5/bigip]{trunks} div by 0 error (#964)
  • Fix: [hirschmann]{hardware/psu} wrong oid (#985)
  • Fix: [cisco/standard]{qosusage} calcul of total and child (#792)


Release tarball
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Release 20180427

  • Plugin added: Sonicwall SNMP (#914)
  • Mode added: [juniper/ssg] 'vpnstatus' (#891)
  • Mode added: [juniper/ssg] 'vpnusage' (#891)
  • Mode added: [juniper/ssg] 'listvpn' (#891)
  • Enhancement: [snmp_standard/ntp] improve ntp mode empty ntp_hostname option
  • Enhancement: [windows/local] improve liststorages
  • Enhancement: add --ssl-opt on plugin using http library (#961)
  • Enhancement: [snmp_standard/interfaces] add interfaces speed check (#762, #954)
  • Enhancement: [riverbed/steelhead/snmp] refactor plugin to handle EX series (#970)
  • Fix: [netapp/restapi] fix uri uninitialized option in custom mode
  • Fix: [netapp/restapi] fix snapmiror modes debug output
  • Fix: [aws/ec2] fix perl 5.10/el6 compatibility (#945)
  • Fix: [f5/bigip] fix failover warning thresholds (#964)
  • Fix: [f5/bigip] fix trunks thresholds management (#964)
  • Doc: correcting mode formely named 'traffic' to 'interfaces'


Release tarball
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Release 20180409

  • Plugin added: IBM FS900 SNMP
  • Plugin added: Kaspersky SNMP
  • Plugin added: NetApp Rest Api
  • Plugin added: AWS EC2 Api
  • Plugin added: AWS RDS Api
  • Plugin added: AWS S3 Api
  • Plugin added: AWS ELB Api
  • Plugin added: AWS Cloudfront Api
  • Plugin added: AWS Billing Api
  • Plugin added: AWS Elasticache Api
  • Plugin added: AWS Lambda Api
  • Mode added: [windows/local] 'liststorages'
  • Mode added: [mssql] 'logsize'
  • Mode added: [f5/bigip] 'trunks'
  • Mode added: [f5/bigip] 'listtrunks'
  • Enhancement: [vmware]{nethost} add dropped packets
  • Enhancement: [snmp_standard]{processcount} add per process options, refactor code
  • Enhancement: [hyperv]{scvmmintegrationservice} add some status
  • Enhancement: [http] add new useragent.pm library to handle Basic, Digest, Ntlm and Ntlm v2 authentification
  • Enhancement: [snmp_standard]{spanningtree} add filtering options, refactor code (#780)
  • Enhancement: [ups/apc]{sensors} show temp in long output (#849)
  • Fix: [nsclient/restapi] use of uninitialized value issue (#825)
  • Fix: [hp]{procurve} temperature sensor not present issue (#847)
  • Fix: [veeam]{jobstatus} argument isn't numeric issue (#863)
  • Fix: [centreon]{metaservice} use metric name defined in Meta-Service configuration (#874)
  • Fix: [oracle]{eventwaitusage} event-count option
  • Fix: [redis/restapi]{*} hashes deref issues
  • Fix: [activedirectory]{dcdiag} wrong option issue (#902)
  • Fix: [bluecoat]{hardware} typo in sensor state
  • Fix: [stormshield]{hanodes} mapping issue
  • Fix: [f5/bigip]{poolstatus,virtualserverstatus} bad character (#930)


Release tarball
application/gzip 2018-04-09 Download from Github
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