Collection of plugins for softwares compatible with Nagios plugins

Release 20200204 latest

  • Plugin added: Allied Telesis SNMP
  • Plugin added: UPS HP SNMP
  • Plugin added: HP ILO Rest API
  • Plugin added: UPS Phoenixtec SNMP
  • Plugin added: AWS Cloudwatch logs
  • Plugin added: Cisco Collaboration Endpoint Rest API
  • Plugin added: Polycom Trio Rest API
  • Plugin added: Libraesva SNMP
  • Plugin added: Dynatrace Rest API
  • Plugin added: Hyperledger Exporter
  • Plugin added: Prowl notification
  • Mode added: [paloalto/snmp] 'gp-usage'
  • Mode added: [centreon/local] 'centengine-stats'
  • Mode added: [oracle] 'dataguard'
  • Mode added: [netapp/snmp] 'failover'


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-02-04 Download from Github

Release 20191219

  • Plugin added: CouchDB Rest API
  • Plugin added: Maltem Insight Performance Rest API
  • Plugin added: Hikvision camera SNMP
  • Plugin added: Avaya CM SNMP
  • Plugin added: Palo Alto SSH
  • Plugin added: Rapid Recovery Quest SNMP
  • Mode added: [linux/snmp] 'udpcon'
  • Mode added: [cisco/standard/snmp] 'load'
  • Mode added: [3cx/restapi] 'extensions'
  • Mode added: [aix/local] 'cmd-return'
  • Fix: Ctrl+F "Fix" on commits page


Release tarball
application/gzip 2019-12-19 Download from Github

Release 20191016

  • Plugin added: ABB CMS700 SNMP
  • Mode added: [linux/local] 'discovery-nmap'
  • Mode added: [hp/procurve] 'virtual-chassis'
  • Mode added: [azure] 'health'
  • Enhancement: [emerson/liebert] merge plugins
  • Enhancement: [fortigate] enhance vpn mode
  • Enhancement: [extreme/snmp] refacto modes
  • Enhancement: [core] add mode status in openmetrics output
  • Enhancement: [netapp/snmp] enhance snapmirrorlag
  • Enhancement: [linux/local] refacto diskio mode
  • Break: [f5/bigip] use status thresholds in virtual-server-status
  • Fix: [nrpe] fix SSL context
  • Fix: Ctrl+F "Fix" on commits page


Release tarball
application/gzip 2019-10-16 Download from Github
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