Collection of plugins for softwares compatible with Nagios plugins

Release 20190704 latest

  • Plugin added: RabbitMQ Rest API
  • Plugin added: VMware VeloCloud Rest API
  • Plugin added: InfluxDB
  • Plugin added: MongoDB
  • Plugin added: Aruba Instant SNMP
  • Plugin added: Cisco ACI APIC Rest API
  • Plugin added: OpenLDAP
  • Plugin added: SCCM
  • Plugin added: Cisco ESA XML API
  • Plugin added: Protocol NRPE
  • Plugin added: Ovirt Rest API
  • Plugin added: Keepalived SNMP
  • Plugin added: Openweathermap Rest API
  • Plugin added: 3CX Rest API
  • Plugin added: Atto FiberBridge SNMP
  • Plugin added: Buffalo TeraStation SNMP
  • Plugin added: PDU Schleifenbauer Gateway SNMP
  • Plugin added: Ansible Tower
  • Plugin added: Dell ME4 Rest API
  • Plugin added: Avaya AES SNMP
  • Plugin added: Arcseve UDP MSSQL
  • Mode added: [oracle] 'librarycacheusage'
  • Mode added: [oracle] 'dictionarycacheusage'
  • Mode added: [oracle] 'redologusage'
  • Enhancement: [haproxy/snmp] manage oss mib (#1475)
  • Enhancement: [oracle] Fix segfault with last DBD::Oracle
  • Break: [elasticsearch] plugin refactoring
  • Break: [pdu/apc] modes refactoring
  • Break: [pdu/eaton] modes refactoring
  • Break: [apps/lmsensors] modes refactoring
  • Break: [cisco/standard] 'cpu', 'memory' refactoring
  • Break: [3par/ssh] modes refactoring
  • Break: [mysql] 'threads-connected' refactoring
  • Break: [snmp_standard] 'swap' refactoring
  • Fix: Ctrl+F "Fix" on commits page


Release tarball
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Release 20190412

  • Plugin added: Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine API
  • Plugin added: Prometheus NGINX Ingress Controller
  • Plugin added: Bind9 Web
  • Plugin added: Rudder Rest API
  • Plugin added: Kubernetes API
  • Plugin added: Protocol TFTP
  • Plugin added: Rad Airmux SNMP
  • Plugin added: Alvarion Breezeaccess SNMP
  • Plugin added: Riverbed Interceptor SNMP
  • Plugin added: WSUS
  • Plugin added: Sahipro
  • Mode added: [linux/local] 'ntp'
  • Mode added: [macafee/webgateway] 'versions'
  • Mode added: [ups/apc] 'input-lines'
  • Mode added: [oracle] 'password-expiration'
  • Mode added: [fortigate] 'ap-usage'
  • Mode added: [centreon/local] 'bam-services'
  • Mode added: [linux/local] 'discovery'
  • Mode added: [aws] 'discovery'
  • Mode added: [azure] 'discovery'
  • Mode added: [vmware] 'discovery'
  • Enhancement: [core] add float-precision option
  • Enhancement: [core] add --extend-perfdata-group option
  • Enhancement: [core/http] add curl backend support
  • Enhancement: [core/http] add debug for lwp backend
  • Enhancement: [oracle] add servicename support
  • Enhancement: [snmp_standard] 'storage' (#1042)
  • Enhancement: [snmp_standard] 'interfaces' (#712)
  • Enhancement: [snmp_standard] 'list-interfaces' (#713)
  • Enhancement: [f5/bigip] 'list-virtualservers' (#1252)
  • Enhancement: [linux/local] 'traffic' 'packet-errors' (#916)
  • Enhancement: [protocols/http] 'expected-content'
  • Enhancement: [linux/local] 'process' (#1438)
  • Enhancement: [cisco/snmp] 'interfaces' (#454)
  • Enhancement: [hwgste/snmp] 'sensors' (#585)
  • Enhancement: [azure] better apis responses handling
  • Fix: Ctrl+F "Fix" on commits page
  • Break: [dell/equallogic] modes refactoring
  • Break: [snmp_standard] mode memory refactoring changes thresholds


Release tarball
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Release 20190221

  • Plugin added: Microsoft Azure Recovery and Backup
  • Plugin added: Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
  • Plugin added: Microsoft Azure VPN Gateway
  • Plugin added: Microsoft Azure Virtual Network
  • Plugin added: Microsoft Azure SQL Server and Database
  • Plugin added: Squid SNMP
  • Plugin added: Informix Database SNMP
  • Plugin added: Lenovo XCC SNMP
  • Plugin added: Peplink Pepwave SNMP
  • Plugin added: Centreon MAP JMX (>= 18.10)
  • Plugin added: Adder AIM SNMP
  • Plugin added: Kafka JMX
  • Plugin added: Cassandra JMX
  • Plugin added: Office 365 Teams
  • Plugin added: Office 365 Skype for Business
  • Plugin added: Skype 2015 MSSQL
  • Plugin added: HP Standard SNMP
  • Plugin added: Mac OS SNMP
  • Mode added: [snmp_standard] 'listspanningtrees'
  • Mode added: [quantum dxi] 'dedupvtl'
  • Mode added: [protocols/snmp] 'response-time'
  • Enhancement: [vmware/connector] compatibility with VMware connector 3.x with enhancement
  • Enhancement: [azure] many improvements in Azure plugins (tags, dates format)
  • Enhancement: [office] change metrics behaviour, more global
  • Enhancement: [core] add password management system
  • Enhancement: [core/template] add catalog template method
  • Enhancement: [core/template] enhance counter type 3
  • Enhancement: [core/snmp] change snmpv3 management parameters
  • Enhancement: [core/exec] change exit behaviour in case of failure
  • Enhancement: [protocols/http] refacto expected-content mode, add possibility to extract data
  • Enhancement: [database/oracle] add sqlpluscmd connection method
  • Enhancement: [snmp_standard] spanningtree mode
  • Enhancement: [centreon/sql] pollerdelay mode
  • Enhancement: [mssql] 'failed-jobs' (#1365)
  • Enhancement: [snmp_standard] 'interfaces' (#553)
  • Enhancement: [prometheus/api] add headers handling
  • Enhancement: [centreon/sql] add filter for broker stats
  • Fix: [fortinet/fortigate] enhance cluster status mode
  • Fix: [core/http] fix get-param option (#1355)
  • Fix: [ilo xmlapi] fix nic management (#1358 #1213)
  • Break: [informix/sql] change informix sql plugin path
  • Break: [vmware/connector] several options changement


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