Collection of standard plugins to discover and gather cloud-to-edge metrics and status across your whole IT infrastructure.



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What are Centreon Plugins

Centreon plugins is a free and open source project to monitor systems. The project can be used with Centreon and all monitoring softwares compatible with Nagios plugins.


Centreon plugins should comply with Monitoring Plugins Development Guidelines.

In short, they return:

  • An error code:
    • 0 for OK
    • 1 for WARNING
    • 2 for CRITICAL
    • 3 for UNKNOWN
  • A human understandable output message (example: OK: CPU(s) average usage is 2.66 % - CPU '0' usage : 2.66 %).
  • A set of metrics provided as perfdata after a | character (example: 'cpu.utilization.percentage'=2.66%;;;0;100 '0#core.cpu.utilization.percentage'=2.66%;;;0;100).

What can Centreon Plugins monitor?

You can monitor many systems:

  • Application: Apache, Asterisk, Elasticsearch, Github, Jenkins, Kafka, Nginx, Pfsense, Redis, Tomcat, Varnish, etc.
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, Docker, Office365, Nutanix, Prometheus, etc.
  • Databases: Firebird, Informix, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, Cassandra.
  • Hardware: printers (RFC3805), UPS (Powerware, Mge, Standard), Sun Hardware, Cisco UCS, SensorIP, HP Proliant, HP Bladechassis, Dell Openmanage, Dell CMC, Raritan, etc.
  • Network: Aruba, Brocade, Bluecoat, Brocade, Checkpoint, Cisco AP/IronPort/ASA/Standard, Extreme, Fortigate, H3C, Hirschmann, HP Procurve, F5 BIG-IP, Juniper, PaloAlto, Redback, Riverbed, Ruggedcom, Stonesoft, etc.
  • Operating systems: Linux (SNMP, NRPE), Freebsd (SNMP), AIX (SNMP), Solaris (SNMP), etc.
  • Storage: EMC Clariion, Netapp, Nimble, HP MSA p2000, Dell EqualLogic, Qnap, Panzura, Synology, etc.

To get a complete list, run:

perl src/centreon_plugins.pl --list-plugin

Basic Usage

We'll use a basic example to show you how to monitor a system. I have finished the install section and I want to monitor a Linux in SNMP. First, I need to find the plugin to use in the list:

perl centreon_plugins.pl --list-plugin | grep -i linux | grep 'PLUGIN'

It will return:

PLUGIN: os::linux::local::plugin
PLUGIN: os::linux::snmp::plugin

It seems that 'os::linux::snmp::plugin' is the good one. So I verify with the option --help to be sure:

$ perl centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --help
Plugin Description:
  Check Linux operating systems in SNMP.

It's exactly what I need. Now I'll add the option --list-mode to know what can I do with it:

$ perl centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --list-mode
Modes Available:

I would like to test the 'load' mode:

$ perl centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --mode=load
UNKNOWN: Missing parameter --hostname.

It's not working because some options are missing. I can have a description of the mode and options with the option --help:

$ perl centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --mode=load --help

Eventually, I have to configure some SNMP options:

$ perl centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --mode=load --hostname= --snmp-version=2c --snmp-community=public
OK: Load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 | 'load1'=0.00;;;0; 'load5'=0.00;;;0; 'load15'=0.00;;;0;

I can set threshold with options --warning and --critical:

$ perl centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --mode=load --hostname= --snmp-version=2c --snmp-community=public --warning=1,2,3 --critical=2,3,4
OK: Load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 | 'load1'=0.00;0:1;0:2;0; 'load5'=0.00;0:2;0:3;0; 'load15'=0.00;0:3;0:4;0;

For more information or help, please read 'doc/en/user/guide.rst'.


Code contributions/pull requests

If you want to contribute by submitting new functionalities, enhancements or bug fixes, first thank you for participating :-) Then have a look, if not already done, to our development guide. Then create a fork and a development branch, and once it's done, you may submit a pull request that the corporate development team will examine.

Issues/bug reports

If you encounter a behaviour that is clearly a bug or a regression, you are welcome to submit an issue. Please be aware that this is an open source project and that there is no guaranteed response time.

Questions/search for help

If you have trouble using our plugins, but are not sure whether it's due to a bug or a misuse, please take the time to ask for help on The Watch, Data Collection section and become certain that it is a bug before submitting it here.

Feature/enhancement request

There is high demand for new plugins and new functionalities on existing plugins, so we have to rely on our community to help us prioritize them. How? Post your suggestion on The Watch Ideas with as much detail as possible and we will pick the most voted topics to add them to our product roadmap.

To develop a plugin/mode, we need the following information, depending on the protocol:

  • SNMP: MIB files and full snmpwalk of enterprise branch (snmpwalk -ObentU -v 2c -c public address . > equipment.snmpwalk) or SNMP collections.
  • HTTP API (SOAP, Rest/Json, XML-RPC): the documentation and some curl examples or HTTP collections.
  • CLI: command line examples (command + result).
  • SQL: queries + results + column types or SQL collections.
  • JMX: mbean names and attributes.

If some information is confidential, such as logins or IP addresses, obfuscate them in what is sent publicly and we'll get in touch with you by private message if this information is needed.

Please note that all the developments are open source, we will not commit to a release date. If it is an emergency for you, please contact Centreon's sales team.

Continuous integration

Please follow documentation here