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A plugin that uses SNMP to get error codes from a Siemens Scalance X300 or X400 switch. The plugin outputs the fault in a human readable form, as long as there are not several faults.


This is a PowerShell script used by NSClient++ to check the temperatures on a host running Microsoft Windows. NSClient++ can then be called by Nagios (Op5 Monitor, Icinga or similar) to run this script.

[Open Hardware Monitor] ( is used as a driver for the temperature sensors.


This is a PowerShell script used by NSClient++ to check the status of an iEi Technology Corp. AUPS series VESA Mount Intelligent UPS Module. NSClient++ can then be called by Nagios (Op5 Monitor, Icinga or similar) to run this script.

This script assumes that the UPS is reachable over the network. This means that you have to run "AUPS Battery Status Monitor" first in order to set an IP address on the battery and to "Enable LAN". Then you need to run the tool "IEI REMOTE AP" in order to activate the web server in the battery by clicking the IP address of the battery.

The IP address that you configure in the above step is the address that you have to supply to the script using the variable battery_address.


A script that presents information about Cisco devices using SNMP.

Suitable to use as a plugin for any Nagios compatible monitoring system.

The script utputs a string with:


This is a script that checks the AC status of a Gigamon G-TAP-ATX.

The script logs in and connects with telnet to the tap, then issues a "show system" and looks for the power status.


This is a script that presents information about unused (notconnect according to "show interface status" on Cisco switches) ports on (Cisco and probably other) switches.

The script outputs how many unused ports there are right now, and the names of the ports with the amount of days they have been "down".


A simple script for getting information from hosts with SNMP.

This is a companion script for the more advanced Cisco specific [snmp_cisco_info] (

The script outputs sysDescr, sysLocation and sysContact.


DO NOT USE THIS SCRIPT! (and reconsider using Siemens Scalance switches at all)

There is a bug (or maybe a feature?) that reboots any Scalance switch when logging in with SSH and issuing commands interactively. Siemes technical support is informed about this. They have confirmed the problem, but not fixed it to my knowledge.


A script for getting IP addresses from different Cisco devices with SNMP.

All the IP addresses with corresponding netmasks are presented in the output of the scipt.

This output is searchable in Op5 Monitor, which makes it possible to find a device by one of its IP addresses.


This is a script for monitoring sensors (temperature, fans and voltage) and overall health of IBM servers. The script uses SNMPv1 to communicate with the Integrated Management Module (IMM).

The script was initially released by Ulric Eriksson.