This is a PowerShell script used by NSClient++ to check the status of an iEi Technology Corp. AUPS series VESA Mount Intelligent UPS Module. NSClient++ can then be called by Nagios (Op5 Monitor, Icinga or similar) to run this script.

This script assumes that the UPS is reachable over the network. This means that you have to run "AUPS Battery Status Monitor" first in order to set an IP address on the battery and to "Enable LAN". Then you need to run the tool "IEI REMOTE AP" in order to activate the web server in the battery by clicking the IP address of the battery.

The IP address that you configure in the above step is the address that you have to supply to the script using the variable battery_address.

The script outputs something like this: >Battery status: Standby | status=2 capacity=100%;40;10 voltage=16690 Current=0 Temperature=33;50;60 'Remaining time'=0

Tested with an AUPS-B10 and should work with the other models from iEi.

Optional parameters

 -battery_address [IP address or FQDN of the battery]
 -capacity_warning [warning level for the capacity]
 -capacity_critical [critical level for the capacity]
 -temperature_warning [warning level for the temperature]
 -temperature_critical [critical level for the temperature]
 -shutdown, The computer running this script will shut down if this switch is supplied and the capacity is below 10% ($shutdown_capacity)


.\check_iei_ups.ps1 -battery_address -capacity_warning 40 -capacity_critical 10 -temperature_warning 40 -temperature_critical 50 -shutdown

Version history

  • 1.0 2016-04-19 initial version.

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