A plugin that uses SNMP to get error codes from a Siemens Scalance X300 or X400 switch. The plugin outputs the fault in a human readable form, as long as there are not several faults.

The script reads the OID snX300X400FaultValue and outputs the fault.

Faults reported by this script:

  • Power error
  • Linkdown error
  • Power error and Linkdown error
  • Internal error
  • Standby error
  • rm error
  • observer error
  • non-recoverable ring error
  • c-plug error
  • pnio error
  • module error
  • loopd error
  • Standby observer error

If there are more than one fault, the script will output "More than one error on device!".


Add the script as a check in any Nagios compatible product with proper variables.

The script expects either two variables for SNMPv2c or six variables for SNMPv3.

The variables are documented in the script.

Version history

  • 1.1 2015-08-04 Cleaned up some minor ambiguities.
  • 1.0 2014-10-27 Initial release. Tested with CentOS, Op5 and Scalance X300.

Licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0

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