Sakuli is an end-2-end testing and monitoring tool for web sites and common UIs with multiple monitoring integrations

Release Version 1.2.0 latest


Release tarball
application/gzip 2018-07-05 Download from Github


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Release Version 1.1.0


Release tarball
application/gzip 2017-12-22 Download from Github


application/x-java-archive 2017-12-22 Download from Github

Release Version 1.1.0-beta

  • OpenShift and enhanced docker support (#218):
    • add different OpenShift templates under docker/openshift:
    • Docker Image Build from sources
    • Deployment Config for continuous test running
    • Job Config for onetime execution
    • POD run config for single execution only
    • GitRepoVolumeSource example configuration for a ready to use git-based testsuites execution
    • change startup to a non-root-user startup procedure
    • add Sakuli Images based on IceWM UI
    • add non-root java DSL based Docker images
    • add correct JVM heap sizing on startup due to Docker cgroups constraints
    • move to startup scripts to a more generic path: /dockerstartup
    • fix some Firefox startup issues
    • Use OpenJDK for docker images
  • Kubernetes support with examples under docker/kubernetes (#239)
  • Preconfigured OMD Labs Docker images for E2E monitoring (with enabled screenshot history)
  • skip vnc startup on docker containers on sakuli commands: -help, -version, encrypt (#198)
  • first step to improve exception message output (#37)
  • fix description of properties loading mechanism (#211)
  • fix some problems of the Gearman caching (#225):
    • add error handling for RuntimeExceptions to Gearman client
    • print out Exception class if no message is provided
  • add support for checkMK monitoring system, based on twig template based file output (#176)
  • Improved Sakuli event handler: hide screenshots after 30 days, delete after 60; adapted Thruk SSI (#236)
  • fix wrong exit code of go-starter sakuli -version
  • clean up ordering of gearman and icinga2 properties in and documentation (#188)
  • fix Sahi startup errors with retry mechanism (#219)
  • merge pull request #220 from martku/patch-1
  • change dependency sakuli-go-wrapper to fixed version
  • smaller bugfixes and documentation update

Documentation: v1.1.0-beta


Release tarball
application/gzip 2017-04-12 Download from Github


application/x-java-archive 2017-04-12 Download from Github

application/zip 2017-04-12 Download from Github
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