Sakuli is an end-2-end testing and monitoring tool for web sites and common UIs with multiple monitoring integrations

Release Version 1.0.2 (Bugfix + some small features)

  • issue #210: upgrade Sahi to version 5.1 due to Sahi compatibility issue with Chrome 53+ - _click
  • fix docker images
  • issue #215 add java-based Sakuli Docker images
  • issue #91: add AES encryption option for Gearman forwarder module
    • add Java JCE extension to Docker images
  • fix #216: set to true in firefox pref.js
  • add Sakuli-Example page
  • fix #177 add description for the javaDSL and update the documentation
  • issue #205: use maven-jgitflow for releases and branching

Corresponding Docker images:

Documentation: v1.0.2


application/x-java-archive 2016-11-03 Download from Github


Release tarball
application/gzip 2016-11-03 Download from Github

application/zip 2016-11-03 Download from Github

Release Version 1.0.1

small bugfix release:

  • fix #190:
    • fix Docker centos image: use tagged version consol/centos-xfce-vnc:1.0.1
    • use tagged noVNC version, to keep it stable
  • Use consistent file naming and fix broken links in docs
  • fix example_xfce for new centos 7 version


application/x-java-archive 2016-06-08 Download from Github


Release tarball
application/gzip 2016-06-08 Download from Github

application/zip 2016-06-08 Download from Github

Release Version 1.0.0

Proudly we can announce our v1.0 release!

Through hard working days (and nights) from @ConSol/sakuli developer and our valued supporters we now able to announce the v1.0 release! Thanks for your contribution and fantastic feedback! Really looking forward what happens next. If you have some proposal for new features or found some bugs, don`t hesitate to submit a GitHub Issue. Thank's for that in advance!

Your Sakuli developer team :-)

Latest changelog:

  • First step tutorial and https documentation. Fixes #161, fixes #53 partially.
  • fix #32 highlight function on linux does not work (in underlying SikuliX library)
  • close #102 add method dragAndDropTo to the Region object
  • Changed order of properties.
  • Improve example_xfce:
    • Replaced calculator screenshot by a small one.
    • add mouse move action to example_xfce
  • close #139 remove PDF als download content type, to enable to use the browser PDF viewer
  • close #139 add start chrome + firefox maximised (firefox have to hold the file localstore.rdf in his profile folder)
  • close #168 add reboot hint if user install the package Windows environement changes
  • update the installer translation to the recommend one from
  • fix maven snapshot repository path of the maven-repository

The changelog of earlier releases you will find at the


application/x-java-archive 2016-03-03 Download from Github


Release tarball
application/gzip 2016-03-03 Download from Github

application/zip 2016-03-03 Download from Github