Sakuli is an end-2-end testing and monitoring tool for web sites and common UIs with multiple monitoring integrations

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= Attention: EOL of Sakuli 1

Sakuli was completely rewritten in node and typescript and is now available in version 2:

There will be no further maintenance of Sakuli 1, it is easily possible and suggested to migrate existing tests to Sakuli 2.


An end-to-end testing tool for web sites and common UIs with multiple monitoring integrations

= About the project image:./docs/images/sakuli_concept.png[sakuli concept]

Sakuli simulates user actions on graphical user interfaces (web, fat client, citrix, …), and provides the obtained information (runtime, result, screenshots) to third party (e.g. Nagios compatible monitoring) systems.

Sakuli is written in Java and runs on many platforms:

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  • {sakuli-doc-url}/#linux[Linux]
  • {sakuli-doc-url}/#containerized-execution[Docker containers]
  • MacOS

The Sakuli project brings together two Open-Source end-to-end testing tools which perfectly fit together:[Sahi] for web-based tests (by injecting JavaScript code into the browser), as well as the screenshot-based testing tool[Sikuli], which allows the execution of keyboard and mouse actions on screen areas that have been defined by previously recorded screenshots and are recognized using the OpenCV engine.

= Key Features

  • Platform-independent UI testing tool
  • End-2-End monitoring of application functionality and quality
  • Combines two automation technologies: DOM based web testing Image pattern based UI automation (for non-web content)
  • Scalable from single-client up to multi-node container setup for parallel execution
  • Integration of test results into Monitoring systems (e.g. Nagios/Icinga) CI builds (e.g. Jenkins)

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= Sakuli Short Overview Presentation

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