Icingaweb2 module for receiving and handling snmp traps

Release Version 1.0.4b latest

This is a bugfix release for version 1.0.4 : rules using hostgroups where not working because IDO Database was not correctly setup in the trap receiver (issue #40 and #25 )


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-07-06 Download from Github

Release Version 1.0.4

Better PHP detection to avoid php-fpm to be set as php binary. SELinux support (thanks to robdevops) The entire doc was reviewed by robdevops for improved quality.


1) Updated snmptrapd detection in config / installer (pr #34 & #35 by robdevops)


1) Changed the php detection for install script (issues #30 & #31) 2) SELinux support (pr #37 by robdevops)


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-06-06 Download from Github

Release Version 1.0.3

Mostly : regexp on OID in traps and possibility to create functions in rules

Lots of code splitting to have a better code quality, added continuous integration tests.

Changelog :


1) Performance data was transfered in display when using API (issue#22)


1) Added negative numbers evaluation in rules. 2) More precise error on MIB upload errors (issue#21) 3) Added plugins support : function 4) Added regexp for OID selection in rules and display in GUI


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-02-11 Download from Github
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