Perl script for Icinga / Nagios to monitor logical volume status on QNAP NAS boxes via SNMP. Returne used space of all volumes as performance data and allows setting usage percentage limits. Based on Michael Geigers check_qnap_volumes with changed behaviour, bugfixes and improvements:

  • Corrected Perl Dependencies
  • Allows to specify SNMP community via -C parameter
  • Changed behaviour: Performance data now shows the used space versus total space which is more intuitive
  • Changed behaviour: Changed behaviour: Warning and critical levels are now referring to used percentage instead of free percentage
  • Renamed to check_qnap_vol due to changed behaviour
  • Removed "QNAP" from output. Shortens line and possibly allows to use with other NAS makes (if they use the NAS MIB)
  • Made output more informative like so: "Volumes OK - [Mirror Disk Volume: Drive 1 2]: 331GB (84%) of 393GB used, 62GB free"
  • Putting each volume on a new line makes output more readable with multiple volumes
  • Handle zero volume sizes correctly (caused div by zero error before) and give hint to possible assignment as iSCSI target