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Perl script for Icinga / Nagios to monitor temperature, disk and SMART status of all hard disks in QNAP NAS boxes via SNMP. Disk temperatures are returned as performance data. Should work on most (if not any) QNAP boxes that support SNMP. Based on Michael Geigers check_qnap_hdd with some bugfixes and improvements:

  • Corrected Perl Dependencies
  • Allows to specify SNMP community via -C parameter
  • Improved SMART Notification: SMART Status "Normal" is misleading as it indicates a predictive failure warning. The script returns a "Warning" condition instead of "Critical" in this case

Perl script for Icinga / Nagios to monitor logical volume status on QNAP NAS boxes via SNMP. Returne used space of all volumes as performance data and allows setting usage percentage limits. Based on Michael Geigers check_qnap_volumes with changed behaviour, bugfixes and improvements:

  • Corrected Perl Dependencies
  • Allows to specify SNMP community via -C parameter
  • Changed behaviour: Performance data now shows the used space versus total space which is more intuitive

Enhanced Default Template for pnp4nagios and IcingaWeb2. This alternative pnp default template was made because because I was fed up from insane measurement units such as 10mGB or 10Mms, the unappealing, oldfashioned and inconsistent graph colors and the amount of time it took to apply and manage changes across numerous templates in order to keep them consistent. While it seems impossible to solve all rrdgraphe issues completely, it is believed to be an improvement and should work sufficiently with most Nagios Check Commands out of the box.


  • Modern looking graphs that matches the Icingaweb2 color scheme
  • Global graph attributes can be very easily changed

This Icingaweb2 module adds a new host Graph Dashboard to the Icinga Web GUI that puts together the most important performance graphs on a single page. This allows for quick visual health checks of a host without the need to click through numerous pnp graphs. The selection and order of graphs to be shown are freely configurable via Web GUI. Each class of devices (servers, routers, ...) can have a it's own set of graphs that are inherited and may be overriden at any level.