Perl script for Icinga / Nagios to monitor temperature, disk and SMART status of all hard disks in QNAP NAS boxes via SNMP. Disk temperatures are returned as performance data. Should work on most (if not any) QNAP boxes that support SNMP. Based on Michael Geigers check_qnap_hdd with some bugfixes and improvements:

  • Corrected Perl Dependencies
  • Allows to specify SNMP community via -C parameter
  • Improved SMART Notification: SMART Status "Normal" is misleading as it indicates a predictive failure warning. The script returns a "Warning" condition instead of "Critical" in this case
  • Vertical alignment of visual HDD status looks nicer
  • Add support for newer Qnap models - e.g. TS-879 Pro
  • Don't get confused by emty drive slots (previous version returned UNKNOWN result)