Solarized Theme

Solarized theme for Icinga Web 2

Solarized Theme for Icinga Web 2

This restores the Solarized theme and adds the dark/light mode support. Based on Ethan Schoonover's Solarized


  • Icinga Web 2.10 or newer

Only a few things are tweaked right now:

  • Colors of Icinga changed to the ones from solarized-dark.less
  • TODO add support for light/dark mode
  • TODO change Login background
  • TODO renew Screenshots

Screenshot Login

Screenshot Tactical Overview

In every theme, the base theme of Icinga Web 2 is applied, and modifications need to be added incrementally.

You can find the overall theme on GitHub or on your local system under /usr/share/icingaweb2/public/css/icinga.

How to install

Install these theme repository like any other Icinga Web 2 module at:


Enable the module:

icingacli module enable solarized

Then you can select the theme in the admin or user UI.

Changing themes as admin

Changing themes as user

Tweak it to your needs, you can also change the module name or incorporate the files into your own module.


Feel free to add your ideas and examples here as well. Just add or modify a theme.


GPLv2+ because this theme is based on solarized-dark.less.

Icinga Web related examples were created by:" rel="nofollow">Markus Frosch

The ACME Logo was taken from by Mackenzie Child. No specific license was documented there, but the purpose seems to be intended for free-use.

Other images: