Several plugins for icinga / nagios (mirror repository; now maintained at

Release 0.1.0 latest

  • Added
  • check_snmp_ilo4:
    • Fixed snmp v2 community 4 (thanks to nb85)
  • Added SNMPv3 support to all plugins for devices supporting SNMPv3
  • Added common test for SNMPv3.
  • PEP8 & general code improvements
  • check_snmp_raritan:
    • Fixed exception in check_snmp_raritan if sensor does not return a valid value.
    • Moved units in metrics from UOM to label to avoid conflicts with Graphite
  • check_snmp_eaton:
    • Added support of Eaton 9SX series
    • Changed threshold options for check_snmp_eaton_ups
  • Refactored check_meinberg_ntp plugin
  • check_snmp_idrac:
    • Refactoring
    • Added noPowerRedundancy option (thanks to ironbishop)
    • Fixed snmp v2 community
  • Added check_microwavemodem
  • Added check_newtecmodem
  • Migration from github to codeberg


Release tarball
application/gzip 2019-02-21 Download from Github

Release 0.0.9

Added check_snmp_inradios_csm
Added SNMPv3 support for check_snmp_idrac
Fixed some bugs in check_snmp_idrac (error if sever is powered off or if the power supply is not redundant)


application/gzip 2018-07-21 Download from Github

Release 0.0.7

new features:


Several bugfixes


Release tarball
application/gzip 2017-09-01 Download from Github
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