A monitoring/inventory plugin to check components and health status of systems which support Redfish. It will also create a inventory of all components of a system.

Release 1.1.0: Enhanced DELL support and small bug fixes

  • add additional parsing of Dell Sensors on --info check #26
  • add --inventory_id cli option to add identifier to inventory metadata #33
  • add cli option --nosession to avoid session file creation #30
  • change handling of warning and critical CLI options for event logs #32
  • support pagination for all collections in all requests #28
  • fixes a problem with unset network adapter name and model #21
  • fixes a problem with unavailable LogServices on Huawei systems #23
  • fixes a problem with duplicate fan IDs on Dell systems #18


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-11-23 Download from Github

Release 1.0.0: Inventory and Cisco support are here

  • Added Inventory option #6
  • Split most of the code into a module #9
  • Added Support for Cisco server #12
  • Added support for Dell PowerEdge R7515 #14
  • Added storage battery status to health output for HPE iLO 5 systems #17
  • Added Management Event Log support for Huawei systems #16
  • Enhanced network adapter support #10
  • Added icinga2 director config basket
  • Treat power supplies with Status.Health = None and State = Enabled as OK
  • Changed shebang from python3.6 to python3
  • Fixed quite some bugs and refactored most of the code


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-04-23 Download from Github

Release 0.0.11: Adding Fujitsu server

  • Added support for Fujitsu server
  • Added geniric system support to support "unknown" devices
  • Added Icinga2 director import basket for check_command
  • Fixed storage check for unprovided disk data
  • Added generic bmc and sel/mel discovery
  • Added support for enclosures and SimpleStorage
  • Added Voltages to power output and perf data
  • Change: Storage components with Status.Health "None" will be reported as OK


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-02-11 Download from Github