A monitoring/inventory plugin to check components and health status of systems which support Redfish. It will also create a inventory of all components of a system.

Release 1.3.2: enhances support for SuperMicro and Inspur Hardware latest

  • fixes issue with unset NIC Mac addresses #70
  • fixes storage status on Inspur NF5280 M5 #72
  • enhances discovery of chassi thermal and power data #73
  • enhances Supermicro support #74
  • specifying redfish module version to be lower then 3.0.0 #75

Next version will switch to a newer version of python-redfish. Hopefully we will be able to support both versions.


Release tarball
application/gzip 2022-01-23 Download from Github

Release 1.3.1: Bugfixes and Dell ServiceTag in info


  • adds SKU (Service Tag) to system info output on DELL systems #65


  • handle 404 server respopnse properly with never versions of response d3c8cd4b8050919bd963fbc0ceacb80605148429
  • better handling of empty event entries, temp sensors and Dell firmware Check #62


Release tarball
application/gzip 2021-09-08 Download from Github

Release 1.3.0: Basic Gigabyte and Inspur support


  • Adds basic Gigabyte and Inspur support #53
  • Adds proper support for multiple chassis #54
  • Adds status for raid controller cache on HPE server #55


  • Fixes an issue with partly supported NVMe drives on Fujitsu systems #58
  • Fixes an issue with reporting failed mem modules on Fujitsu systems #56
  • Skip port inventory data not present for network function data collection #61


Release tarball
application/gzip 2021-06-30 Download from Github
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