A monitoring/inventory plugin to check components and health status of systems which support Redfish. It will also create a inventory of all components of a system.

Release 1.2.0: improved plugin output and more mature inventory latest


  • BMC check will return a "WARNING" if BMC interfaces uses "half-duplex"
  • adds inventory_file cli option to write inventory to a file, also included in icinga2 config files #36 / #38
  • renames inventory items and changes inventory structure slightly #37
  • adds further support for multiple chassis, systems and managers #40
  • enhances handling of session files for different users #46
  • sort firmware output for some systems #43
  • adds missing firmware entries (power supply, disk) to firmware inventory #42
  • changes status output to always add a summary as first entry if status returns OK #34
  • adds Grafana dashboard to use in panels in icingaweb2 #52


  • fixes DELL DIMM sensors on older systems without slot collections #26
  • fixing missing Manager field info on iLO 5 >2.3.0 #41
  • fixes output for partly retrieved components #40
  • fixes session file permissions to be always set to 0600 #46
  • fixes an issue with wrongly reported DELL CPU status #40
  • fixes Dell Storeage controller output. Avoid duplicate listing #40
  • fixes Lenovo vendor detection on nower BMC firmware versions #40
  • fixes an issue with HPE log timestamps "0000-00-00T00:00:00Z" #49
  • fixes an error where installed memory was wrongly reported on DELL systems #48


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