Check the PoE availability of a Cisco switch via SNMP


This plugin for Nagios/Icinga/Op5 and other compatible systems checks the availability and power used by Power over Ethernet on a Cisco switch. The plugin uses the Power Ethernet MIB to retrieve the data. It works with SNMPv1, v2c and v3.

This plugin was created by Michiel Timmers. I have only added the performance data part to it.


In order to see help:

$ ./ --help

Example output:

$ ./ -H -l username -x password1 -X password2 -w 40 -c 30
Module:2 Available:370 W, Used:19 W, Remaining:351 W : OK | M2_Used=19;330;340;0;370


Version history

  • 0.3 2019-03-06 Added performance data and modified output.
  • 0.2 2017-06-07 Fix for Cisco bug CSCtl11469. Data is now collected via a snmpwalk. Support for stacked switches.