Nagios-Plugin to monitor Apaches mod_proxy balancer pools


This plugin monitors the state of an apache balancer pool established by mod_proxy. Due to the fact that there’s still no really working xml api, the plugin parses the /balancer-manager status page with some RegEx.

The main reason for developing this plugin is the bad behaviour of tomcats as backend systems even with deactivated failover settings for mod_proxy_ajp, which sometimes lead to a quite complete confusion regarding the jvmRoutes, so some really ugly things happen as session mixing or session loss.

It is written in Go, which is my preferred and really beloved language these days. I’m not connected to Google in any other way. :-)

I’ve put this plugin under the GPLv2 with the kind permission of my employer denkwerk GmbH, because some parts of the sources were coded at work (and for work, of course :-)).

A more detailed Readme (in english or german) can be found in the docs folder.

I’ve provided some binary builds in the bin folder, for Linux (64 and 32 bit) and an Apple darwin 64 bit executable.