A check for OpenBSD sysctl hw.sensors


./check_hw_sensors [-i] [-f [< FILENAME >]|(-s < hw.sensors id > [-w limit] [-c limit])]


Flag Description
-i, --ignore-status Don't automatically check the status of sensors that report it.
-f, --filename=FILE FILE to load checks from (defaults to /etc/sensorsd.conf)
-s, --sensor=ID ID of a single sensor. "-s kate0.temp0" means hw.sensors.kate0.temp0 Overrides --filename.
-w, --warning=RANGE or single ENTRY Exit with WARNING status if outside of RANGE or if != ENTRY
-c, --critical=RANGE or single ENTRY Exit with CRITICAL status if outside of RANGE or if != ENTRY


check_hw_sensors understand the following entries:

low, high, crit, warn, crit.low, crit.high, warn.low, warn.high, ignore, status

FILE is in the same format as sensorsd.conf(5) plus some additional entries. These additional entries in the file are ignored by sensorsd(8). This means you can use the same config file for check_hw_sensors as well as sensorsd(8).