F5 Big-IP System Health Check



$ ./check_f5_system.pl

usage:  ./check_f5_system.pl [-h] -H  -C  -w  -c

 Version: 0.1

 Released on: 2010/06/18

 Nagios check for F5 BigIP System health using SNMP version 2c

 [-h]       : Print this message
 [-H]       : IP Address or Hostname
 [-C]       : SNMP Community String  (default = "public")
 [-w] ,     : Warning levels  for cpu and temperature in Celsius
 [-c] ,     : Critical levels for cpu and temperature in Celsius
 [-d]       : enable debug output

$ ./check_f5_system.pl -H -C public -w 75,40 -c 85,50

Big-IP 1600 status (Cpu=3% Temperature=24degrees-C  Fan1:Good Fan2:Good Fan3:Good Psu1:Good Psu2:Not-Present): OK | cpu=3% temperature=24