Check gateway ISDN - SNMP v1, v2c, v3


This script check Cisco gateway ISDN (tested on Cisco 2811 and 2821).

Modules included :

  • Mode 1 - B-Channels ###

  • number of total B-Channel

  • number of B-Channel used

  • number of B-Channel free

     => warning or critical exit if B-Channel free is too low

  • include graphic return


 ./ -H hostname -V version -M bchannels [-w|-c|-C|-l|-u|-a|-d|-h]


Flag Description
-H Hostname (IP adresse or DNS name)
-V Version (1|2c|3)
-M Mode (bchannels)
-w Warning_Level (number of free channels) Use on bchannels mode
-c Critical_Level (number of free channels) Use on bchannels mode
-C Community (name) Use on Version 1|2
-l Login (NoAuthNoPriv | AuthNoPriv | AuthPriv) Use on Version 3
-u Username Use on Version 3
-a Password Use on Version 3
-d Debug mode
-h Help (print command usage, and quit)


./check\_snmp\_cisco\_isdn\ -H -V 1 -M bchannels -C Public -w 5 -c 2
 OK  - 30 channels : 29 free : 1 used (method = ISDN) | Max=30 Current\_Used=1
./check\_snmp\_cisco\_isdn\ -H -V 3 -l AuthNoPriv -u user -a password -M bchannels -w 5 -c 2
WARNING  - 30 channels : 27 free : 3 used (method = ISDN) | Max=30 Current\_Used=3
./check\_snmp\_cisco\_isdn\ -h
Display help
./check\_snmp\_cisco\_isdn\ xxxxxx -d
Active debug mod