Docker containers check

A NAGIOS compatible plugin to check docker containers stats

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  • elacheche

    @lucio66: 2. That's right, the sshServices.conf does not exist by default, on my setup I used to do ALL my checks via ssh, that's why I separated my SSH based plugin services on a separated file, you can use any existing file under that path.. If you are using an agent to do your regular checks you can adapt the "Check command definition" to your needs.. As I said, I used to use agentless checks via SSH.

  • elacheche

    @lucio66: Thanks for the feedback. 1. If you have Python3 as the default version then pip is OK, if not, because the plugin was made using python3, then you should install docker ( for Python3 using pip3 (that should work as well, just double checked that) 1/2

  • lucio66

    1) pip3 did not work, pip did; 2) /etc/icinga2/conf.d/services/sshServices.conf did not exist, what is the whole content of this file supposed to be ? thanks