Check Dell/EMC² Isilon/PowerScale clusters

Check Dell/EMC² Isilon / PowerScale storage systems

This plugin can check Dell/EMC² Isilon / PowerScale storage systems for events/alarms, the state of the storage pools and SyncIQ replication.

The checks are done via the Platform API (PAPI) and require a valid user with access rights for the PAPI and some read only priviledges (see below).

Cluster configuration

For this check to work there needs to exist a user on your cluster with priviledges to access the Platform API and read only access to the events, smartpools, and synciq (for all feature to work).

This can be done by creating a role like this:

# isi auth roles view Monitoring
       Name: Monitoring
Description: -
    Members: imt-monitoring-user
             ID: ISI_PRIV_LOGIN_PAPI
      Read Only: True

             ID: ISI_PRIV_EVENT
      Read Only: True

      Read Only: True

      Read Only: True

             ID: ISI_PRIV_SYNCIQ
      Read Only: True

And then creating a user account (e.g. in the 'local' provider) and assigning the user to the above (or a similar) role.

You have to call the plugin with the check feature you want to use as the first parameter. See the example command and service definition on how to use this in Icinga2.

$ ./check_isilon -h
usage: check_isilon [-h]
                    {events,storagepools,synciq} ... fqdn username password

positional arguments:
  fqdn                  FQDN of Isilon PAPI endpoint
  username              Username for PAPI login
  password              Password for PAPI login

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

  Choose one item to check

    events              Check events
    storagepools        Check storagepools
    synciq              Check SyncIQ