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This plugin has been created especially for Icinga2, but it is compatible with Nagios 4 too, it was developed using Go.

This plugin uses nvstat software to check Incoming and Outgoing speed and create alerts.

Build instructions

1) make build

How to use

Run the plugin.

root@status:/usr/home/freebsd # /usr/local/libexec/nagios/bsd_network
[ bsd_network - Version: 0.1 (Marcelo Araujo ) ]
    -rw: Incoming Speed Warning (KiB/s)
    -rc: Incoming Speed Critical (KiB/s)
    -tw: Outgoing Speed Warning (KiB/s)
    -tc: Outgoing Speed Critical (KiB/s)
    -i: Interface this should monitor

The units you specify must be the same units as configured for vnstat(1)

./bsd_network -rw= -tw= -rc= -tc= -i=

Output example

root@node-d2:/usr/home/freebsd # /usr/local/libexec/nagios/bsd_network -rw 200 -rc 220 -tw 150 -tc 200 -i vtnet0
OK -  The current RX is 9.07 kbit/s and TX is 16.93 kbit/s|rx=9.070000;200;220;; tx=16.930000;150;200;;

Copyright and licensing

Distributed under 2-Clause BSD License.