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Icinga2 notification integration with Google Chat

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  • agreenbhm

    And just because it wasn't clear before: I am not the original creator of all of this work, I simply took the original "icinga2-slack-notifications" plugin and tweaked a few things to make it work with Google Chat. Credit to https://github.com/nisabek for the original.

  • agreenbhm

    @Gninieb - unfortunately, don't use Icinga Director and am not sure the answer to your question. Hopefully someone else might be able to help. As far as the CURL command, here it is (substitute your webhooks URL as needed): curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST 'https://chat.googleapis.com/v1/spaces/AAA/messages?key=ABCDEFG&token=sdgsdgsdgdsgsdg%3D' -d '{"text":"test"}'

  • Gninieb

    Very nice project! Do you have any idea how to get the slack-notifications-command correctly imported into the icinga director? I've created the templates on my own, but the notification-command is a bit tricky. I've imported he command but it's allmost empty: Does anybody perhaps have the rigth json code to POST it directly over the REST API from the director with the CURL helper script?