Monitoring Plugin to check hard drives, solid state drives and NVMe drives using SMART

Release 6.14.2 latest

This is a bugfix release and fixes a bug when checking NVMe drive(s) in combination with the auto interface (-i auto).

  • 97 Fix nvme attribute check-list when auto interface is given and device is nvme


Release tarball
application/gzip 2024-03-15 Download from Github

Release 6.14.1

This is a bugfix release and fixes multiple minor bugs.

  • Fix default Percent_Lifetime_Remain threshold handling when -w is given by @ymartin-ovh , see #93
  • Fix debug output of raw check list when using -l or ssd-lifetime, see #94
  • Fix --hide-sn when combined with --debug (the smartctl output still showed the serial number), see #94


Release tarball
application/gzip 2023-09-20 Download from Github

Release 6.14.0

  • Show drive(s) causing the UNKNOWN status when checking multiple drives using -g / --global parameter #89
  • Add possibility to hide the drive's serial number in the plugin output using --hide-sn #90
  • Check (by default) for high Load Cycle Count of hard drive. Can be ignored using --skip-load-cycles parameter #91


Release tarball
application/gzip 2023-04-29 Download from Github
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