Cisco VPN active sessions

check_cisco_cras_sessions is a Icinga Core compatible plugin for checking the active sessions on a Cisco Remote Access Server (cras) device.

It can check overall or typed sessions supporting email, ipsec, LAN to LAN (l2l), load balancing (lb), SSL VPN Client (svc) and Web VPN sessions. It can also check sessions based on absolute (count) or relative, taking as base the max sessions supportable by the device. Finally it can totalize (sum) sessions prior to compare against thresholds.

Based on the previous defined capabilities the plugin can be used in different ways:

  • For controlling if a device is reaching its limits by checking all sessions in relative mode, ie, comparing the overall sessions with the max sessions supportable and returning the result as a percent.
  • For controlling if a device is reaching its license limits by checking a given set of session types in a totalized mode (Cisco ASA licensing restricts the number of SSL VPN Client + Web VPN sessions)
  • Finally for fine controlling sessions by type restricting the type of sessions checked to just one.

check_cisco_cras_sessions is based on fetching session data using SNMP v1/2c, so it's necessary that the device being checkek supported this protocol and served info managed by the ciscoRemoteAccessMonitorMIB MIB.

You can download the last plugin version, and get detailed help and usage examples by visiting the project URL.