Check Plugins for Icinga

Release 2020041501

What's new

  • We refactored the whole library stack and adapted all checks to the new library standards.

  • We started using docstrings for better documentation of libraries and plugins. Now its possible to use for example pydoc cache to get a description of the library.

  • From now on version checking is done in separate -version plugins.

  • Fixed a bunch of issues.

  • Some plugins got new parameters, we improved their output and error handling etc.

    New Check Plugins

  • getent

  • nextcloud-version

  • ping


    New Libraries









    Breaking Changes

  • Removed checks docker-info, docker-container, network-io, redis, xca-cert for now. We will rewrite them from scratch soon.

  • Removed libraries,,, Don't forget to delete them.


Release tarball
152.56 KiB application/gzip 2020-04-15 Download

Release 2020031201

  • added new check: feed
    • adjusted cpu-usage to changes in psutil
    • expanded the dmesg ignore list
    • improved multiple READMEs
    • improved output in systemd-unit
    • updated CONTRIBUTING


Release tarball
218.32 KiB application/gzip 2020-03-12 Download

Release 2020022801

Initial release


Release tarball
201.99 KiB application/gzip 2020-02-28 Download
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