JNRPE Server is a java clone of NRPE designed to allow the development of JAVA plugin without the overhead of the JVM (one instance is needed only for the server, the others JAVA plugin runs inside the same JVM).

JNRPE makes developing Nagios plugins very easy: you just have to think about the logic of your check. The rest is done by JNRPE (loading, threading, threshold parsing and validation, command line parsing, etc.)

JNRPE is a whole package containing:

  • The JNRPE server : the JAVA NRPE clone
  • The JNRPE Library : an embeddable library that allows you to embed JNRPE inside your own application
  • The jcheck_nrpe library/application : a clone of the check_nrpe application. You can embed it inside your application to be able to talk with JNRPE or NRPE
  • The JNRPE plugins package : the plugins distributed with JNRPE. You can of course create your own plugins.
  • The JNRPE OSGI core bundle : a bundle version of the JNRPE server
  • The JNRPE Plugins OSGI bundle : a bundle version of the JNRPE plugins

On the JNRPE site, you will be able to download the sources as well as the installation package, a GUI that will allow you to:

  1. Install the JNRPE Server
  2. Install as Windows service or Unix daemon
  3. Install the plugins
  4. Create a sample JNRPE configuration

For details, look at http://jnrpe.sourceforge.net and http://www.jnrpe.it