Nagios/Icinga plugin for checking SATEON field network device status


Nagios/Icinga plugin for checking SATEON field network device status

Max.Fischer Tested on CentOS GNU/Linux 6.5 with Icinga r2.6.3-1

Icinga Plugin - Sateon Host Checks

Script fetches device_list and fault_list from SATEON server via http, parses parameters and stores them to the local cache. Device status returned upon each run using standard Nagios/Icinga codes.

supposed to be placed in nagios plugins directory, i.e.:

/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_sateon.php - CHMOD 755

Usage example:

./check_sateon.php --hostname --status-dc dc-fault-list.txt --list-dc dc-list.txt --device DOOR-2.14

To run this script you need to make available for http request full list of field network devices and list of current hardware faults.

Expected format of SATEON output

Device list

Result of scheduled execution of 'export_list-dc.ps1'

Address                    : 8
BccsId                     : ff30a8ea-0162-7790-a091-67f84cc83b1c
BoxTypeId                  : dabe4449-4646-47fe-9fcc-97df5abd91f5
Comment                    : LH-01
Description                : DOOR-2.16
Interlock                  : False
LineId                     : 6778da32-8730-4801-be5c-0e854407f14d
MainsFailurePeriod         : -1
Poll                       : True
TimeZoneId                 : Western Standard Time
Identity                   : AccessControl.Box:13f568a4-1423-4041-fd31-a6862dffc7af
LastModifiedDate           : 02.02.2020 13:47:16
CreationDate               : 02.02.2020 13:47:16
SecurityContextId          : 
SystemId                   : 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
PartitionId                : 
UpgradeId                  : f342168a5-cf30-5652-9a64-df686aafc7f2
IsLinkableOutsidePartition : False
IsSystem                   : False

Fault List

Result of scheduled execution of 'export_status-dc.ps1'

Entity Type       : AccessControl.Box
Entity Id         : 13f568a4-1423-4041-fd31-a6862dffc7af
Property Name     : State
IsAbnormal        : True
Value             : OffLine
LastChanged       : 19.04.2020 10:33:45 +03:00
AbnormalTimestamp : 19.04.2020 8:33:45 +00:00

Icinga Configuration Definitions

Use 'sateon-config-generator.php' to generate Icinga configuration

Configure host

object Host "DOOR-2.16" {
    check_command = "check_sateon"
    host.vars.sateon == "True"
    vars.hostname = ""
    vars.username = "spectator"
    vars.password = "secret_password"
    vars.status_log = "dc-fault-list.txt"
    vars.id_log = "dc-list.txt"

Configure service

apply Service "sateon_device" {
    display_name = "Device status"
    import "generic-service"
    check_command = "check_sateon"
    assign where host.vars.sateon == "True"
    vars.hostname = ""
    vars.username = "spectator"
    vars.password = "secret_password"
    vars.status_log = "dc-fault-list.txt"
    vars.id_log = "dc-list.txt"
    vars.device_id =

Configure Command

object CheckCommand "check_sateon" {
    import "plugin-check-command"
    command = [ PluginDir + "/check_sateon.php" ]
    arguments = {
        "--hostname" = "$hostname$"
        "--username" = "$username$"
        "--password" = "$password$"
        "--status-dc" = "$status_log$"
        "--list-dc" = "$id_log$"
        "--device" = "$$"


check_sateon is licensed under the MIT license for all open source applications.

Bugs and feature requests

If you find a bug, please report it here on Github.

Guidelines for bug reports:

  1. Use the GitHub issue search — check if the issue has already been reported.
  2. Check if the issue has been fixed — try to reproduce it using the latest master or development branch in the repository.
  3. Isolate the problem — create a reduced test case and a live example.

A good bug report shouldn't leave others needing to chase you up for more information. Please try to be as detailed as possible in your report.

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