Checks the pkts_rx_OOB and ring_full metrics of Linux (ESXi) interfaces via ethtool -S.


Nagios and Icinga2 plugin to check the pkts_rx_OOB and ring_full counter of Linux interfaces.


This plugin requires:

  • Python3

How it works

The plugin executes ethtool -S to get the device statistics.

Performance data

This plugin provides the following metrics:

  • pkts_rx_OOB
  • ring_full

Only the metric specified by -m|--metric will be reported. Thresholds are optional and will be appended.


See the examples below or execute the plugin with -h/--help.


Check the ring_full counter for eth0 with a warning threshold of 300 and a critical threshold of 1000:

./check_linux_nic_buffer -i eth0 -m ring_full -w 300 -c 1000

Check the pkts_rx_OOB counter for eth0 with a critical threshold of 500:

./check_linux_nic_buffer -i eth0 -m pkts_rx_OOB