WebGui for generating Icinga configuration files

Release Automatic Downtime For Passive Windows latest

  • Our default Deploy script for Windows clients is now use Powershell
  • For Windows notebooks/PCs (host_is_server: OFF) we now provide mechanism for automatic Downtime when device is properly switched off. (Tested on Windows 7 and 10)
  • Main page is switched to English language


Release tarball
application/gzip 2016-08-17 Download from Github


application/x-debian-package 2016-08-17 Download from Github

Release Basic Functionality

Icinga Editor

Features included:

  • Multiuser
  • Hosts Editor
  • Services Editor
  • Commands Editor
  • Scripts for deploy with command editor
  • NSClient++ configuration generator
  • Topology map
  • Traceroute based tool for create "Route to host" group
  • Debian package

and many more features.

See in action here: https://vitexsoftware.cz/icinga-editor/


Release tarball
application/gzip 2016-08-01 Download from Github