plugin to check connection rate of devolo dlan devices.

check_dlan_connection v. 0.1 - Nagios Check for dLAN - (c) Tobias D. Oestreicher
  check_dlan_connection [options]

  --help                : show this help msg
  --host dlanip         : ip adress of a dlan wifi device
  --device devicename   : name of dlen device to check 
  --router routername   : dlan router/endpoint name
  --warntx int          : tx warn level
  --crittx int          : tx crit level
  --warnrx int          : rx warn level
  --critrx int          : rx crit level
  debug                 : creating tracefile for debug

  check_dlan_connection --host --device dlan-wz --router dlan-buero \
                 --warntx 80 --crittx 60 --warnrx 80 --critrx 60

If you have not disabled embedded perl, please add the following at the second line of the plugin:

# nagios: -epn