This check script/plugin checks all backup jobs in a given timeframe (default: 2 days) and report an error or warning if one of the jobs failed, according to the bacula statuses.

Unlike other bacula check scripts it can check all jobs at once, eliminating the risk to manually confugure new/added backup jobs in icinga.

It is used as follows:

Usage: check_bacula [-H ] [-U ] [-P ] [-D ] [--warning-severity ] [--critical-severity ] [--days ] [--help] [-d] [--list-status]

  -h, --help            = Show this help
  -H                    = Database hostname                    (default: localhost)
  -U                    = Database username                    (default: read-only)
  -P                    = Database password                    (default: read-only)
  -D                    = Database name                        (default: bacula)
  --warning-severity    = From this number reports WARNING     (default: 15)
  --critical-severity   = From this number reports CRITICAL    (default: 25)
  --days                = Number of days to look back for jobs (default: 2)
  -d                    = Show debug information
  --list-status         = List the available bacula statuses

Or added in icinga like this:

define service {
  use                                  backup-service
  host_name                            backupserver
  service_description                  Bacula-backup
  check_command                        check_bacula!-U $USER28$ -P $USER29$ -D bacula --warning-severity=15 --critical-severity=25 --days=2

See: for a description of the plugin (description currently only in german).