Brings the regular check_ide_smart plugin kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Supports ATA devices behind HBAs by tunnelling ATA SMART commands over SCSI. This plugin monitors vendor supplied thresholds, individual attributes and SMART logs. Each attribute may be assigned warning and critical thresholds.

Supports full performance data of all supported attributes so that trends may be monitored via graphite/influx.


Does not support proprietary RAID arrays e.g. Dell PERC or HP CCISS devices (yet - but can do on request)

Supported Operating Systems

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Centos 7 fully supported


check_scsi_smart v1.2.x
(C) 2015-2016 Simon Murray 

check_scsi_smart [-d ]

-h, --help
   Print detailed help
-V, --version
   Print version information
-d, --device=DEVICE
   Select device DEVICE
   Specify warning thresholds as a list of integer attributes to interger thresholds
   Specify critical thresholds as a list of integer attributes to interger thresholds


$ sudo ./check_scsi_smart -d /dev/sdc -w 1:1000,3:1000 -c 187:1
CRITICAL: prdfail 0, advisory 0, critical 1, warning 1, logs 2 | 1_read_error_rate=151669074;1000;;; 3_spin_up_time=0;1000;;; 4_start_stop_count=26;;;; 5_reallocated_sectors_count=10904;;;; 7_seek_error_rate=8645237955;;;; 9_power_on_hours=23052;;;; 10_spin_retry_count=0;;;; 12_power_cycle_count=25;;;; 183_sata_downshift_error_count=124;;;; 184_end_to_end_error=0;;;; 187_reported_uncorrectable_errors=2;;1;; 188_command_timeout=4295032833;;;; 189_high_fly_writes=1;;;; 190_airflow_temperature=23;;;; 191_g_sense_error_rate=0;;;; 192_power_off_retract_count=18;;;; 193_load_cycle_count=8823;;;; 194_temperature=23;;;; 197_current_pending_sector_count=4288;;;; 198_uncorrectable_sector_count=4288;;;; 199_ultradma_crc_error_count=0;;;; 240_flying_head_hours=22723;;;; 241_total_lbas_written=4595646719;;;; 242_total_lbas_read=1956891669;;;;