Monitor graylog alerts with icinga2


Monitor graylog alerts with icinga2

This python script checks the Graylog event stream for entries. If an Altert has been triggered, a Critical message is sent to Icinga2. The monitoring of icinga2 is thus connected to Graylog.

Graylog is a log monitoring tool. Icinga is a tool for machine monitoring.


  • debugging
  • customizations can be done via Graylog
  • query search to not show alerts that should not trigger anything
  • customize search time or restrict to specific machines/hosts
  • fully compatible with Graylog 4
  • Session authentication
  • works with self-signed certificates

How it works

  • Graylog Eventstream is queried via the API (
  • In the Graylog eventstream there are usually only events that are worth watching
  • By default, an alarm is triggered in icinga2 when an event is in the eventstream
  • how well this plugin works depends very much on which alarms&events are configured in the Graylog


Licensed under the terms of Apache License Version 2. See LICENSE file.