Windows Agent Installer Module

This module allows you to build windows installers for Icinga2 agents for your cluster right from Icingaweb2

The Agent Installer module for icingaweb2

Make a complete Icinga2 agent package: client configuration, SSL keys and Windows .exe installer in a single click


For now, this module is a front end for a shell script, icingaclient .

Follow the instructions in the icingaclient(1) README for installation.

Other prerequisite packages on Debian-based distributions:

  • php-curl
  • nsis


Build and install the package with make:

# make
# make install

Finally we have a security sensitive step: we have to give www-data some su privileges. Allow www-data to run Icinga2-specific binaries as root in /etc/sudoers:

www-data ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/local/bin/icingaclient, /usr/sbin/icinga2, /usr/bin/makensis


  • Add functionality similar to tree(1) to visualise Icinga2 cluster architecture.
  • Dropdown list of zones instead of text field.