Nagios Plugin which checks if an update is available for a Citrix ADC (formerly Citrix NetScaler)


Build 13.0 71.40/71.44 and above

Since 13.0 Build 71.40/71.44 it is no longer possible to obtain the installed firmware version via the pluginlist.xml. It seems that the firmware does not appear in any other public file. So there is no longer an option for an external update monitoring.

If you still need an external monitoring you could switch to a responder policy with a HTTP callout to the nsversion API endpoint. Be aware that you need to connect to a SNIP with management access. An internal HTTP callout to to the NSIP will be dropped.

The plugin will support this method soon.


Nagios Plugin which checks if an update is available for a Citrix NetScaler.

The plugin connects to and parses the RSS feed to get a dict of all available NetScaler relases and the latest available build per release.

To get the installed version of the NetScaler the plugin makes use of the fact that the versioning for the NetScaler and the EPA clienttools is the same schema. The version of the hosted EPA client is exposed to the outside world in /vpn/pluginlist.xml on each NetScaler Gateway vServer.


-bash$ curl -q 2> /dev/null | egrep '.*version="(1[012])\.([0-9])\.([0-9]{2})\.([0-9]{1,2})".*' 
            version=""            path="/epa/scripts/win/nsepa_setup.exe"
            version=""            path="/epa/scripts/win/nsepa_setup64.exe"
            version=""            path="/vpns/scripts/vista/AGEE_setup.exe"


  • python-feedparser
  • python-requests
  • python-packaging


-bash$ ./
WARNING: update available (installed: 11.1 56.19, available: 11.1 57.11)
WARNING: update available (installed: 12.0 56.20, available: 12.0 57.19)