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use slack to manage alarms in Icinga2

Release The Baby learned to walk latest

I took quite some time but here it is: The first major release 🎉

This release adds most of the Icinga2 API actions which can be performed on objects. Also handling comments, downtimes and acknowledgements are now fully supported.


  • Reschedule host or service #26
  • Implement enable/disable command to modify application features #24
  • Add/display comments, acknowledgements and downtimes to host and service status results #25
  • Add ability to remove acknowledgements/downtimes/comments #29
  • Add command to display services/hosts which are ack/dt/com #38
  • Allow to use previous command options with special option „!!“ #37
  • Add action to delay notifications #33
  • Add comments and downtime details to object details view #31
  • Add “💬” to host and service title if these objects have comments #30
  • Add „(handled)“ to host/service links #28
  • Add command to send custom notification #27
  • Query user details delayed #23
  • Parse filters with quotes differently to allow for explicit names #18
  • Tell user on error which command the user is using #40

Bug fixes:

  • Take care of pending services without check result #39


  • Add description of slack bot creation to README #35


  • Refactor internal command parsing and create class with command methods #19


  • Move to icinga2apic as dependency #32


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-05-17 Download from Github

Release Actions Arrived


  • Added action to acknowledge problematic hosts/services #1
  • Added action to set a downtime for hosts/services #4
  • Added a status overview command #2
  • Added Dockerfile #3
  • Added Icinga status command #5
  • Added config option to limit max returned results #7
  • Handled hosts/services are not displayed any longer with default host/service status command #6
  • Added filter option to config file to limit results to single hosts or host groups #8
  • Added a more detailed help, help can be called for each command #9

Bug fixes:

  • host state not reporting hosts in NOT UP state while running default query #15


  • Splitted code into modules #12


Release tarball
application/gzip 2019-11-16 Download from Github

Release Initial Release

Road to Initial Release

  • check icinga connection
  • configure default channel to post after bot start
  • proper message formatting
  • add systemd unit file
  • add README.md
  • fix logging
  • document functions
  • add debug logging
  • add description
  • proper icinga2 error handling
  • add all icinga2api connection options (ca, cert, key, timeout)
  • add icingaweb2 url to bot responses and error handler
  • circumvent "[ERROR] block must be less than 3000 characters"
  • add state change time to host and service status messages (detailed view)
  • add fallback text to slack messages to display push messages
  • use attachments to display bot commands


Release tarball
application/gzip 2019-07-03 Download from Github