checks the state of tomcat applications


Check Tomcat applications via tomcat manager.


You need to have curl installed, on systems using apt, use:

apt install curl

Furthermore, in order to authenticate to tomcat, add a dedicated user to conf/tomcat-users.xml as such:


Usage: check_tomcat_applications [OPTIONS]
  -U URL        URL to Tomcat Status Call (default: $url)
  -u USER       Username
  -p PASSWORD   Password
  -f FILE       Instead of USER and PASSWORD, read credentials from FILE
  -c CHECK      List of application names to check, comma seperated
  -i INSECURE   Sets the --insecure flag of curl

Example Outputs

All good:

All applications (myService,someOtherService) are running on Tomcat

Application not found:

Application(s) that cannot be found: nonExistent

Wrong status:

Application(s) in non running status: myService = 'stopped'

Command Template

object CheckCommand "check-tomcat-applications" {
  command = [ ConfigDir + "/scripts/" ]
  arguments += {
    "-U" = "$cta_url$"
    "-u" = "$cta_user$"
    "-p" = "$cta_password$"
    "-c" = "$cta_check$"