Icinga plugin to monitor Wildfly heap memory usage

A plugin for Nagios, Icinga et al. to monitor a Wildfly server's JVM heap usage.The check status is set based on the percentage of heap used. If outside threshold values, the status is set to warning or critical accordingly.

Here is some example output, including performance metrics for pretty graphs:

5% of heap memory used (12345678 of 4567890 bytes) | heap_used_percent=5, heap_used_bytes=12345678


Download the latest version from Icinga Exchange

Extract the tarball, then copy the binary into the monitoring plugins directory. For example, on Debian:

cp check_wildflyfree /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins


Check the host with username admin and password 's3cr3t'. Exit with critical status if 80% of memory is used. Exit with warning if greater than 70% is used.

check_wildflyfree -h -u admin -p s3cr3t -w 70 -c 80

See icinga2.conf for example Icinga2 configuration using check_wildflyfree.


Most importantly: the man page!

nroff -mdoc check_wildflyfree.1 | less