Icinga/ Nagios check command for NUT/ UPSC uninterruptible power supply.

Check UPSC

check_upsc [-h]
check_upsc -V
check_upsc [-t ] 
check_upsc [-d ] [OPTIONS]

-h             - print usage and exit
-V             - print version and exit
-t  - read properties from given file
-d     - device that will be queried by command


-v             - verbose output
-b    - Warning threshold, value battery.charge
-r    - Warning threshold, value battery.runtime
-l     - Locale, for example C to use . as float separator

It is not possible to override critical threshold as they
are determined by the UPS/ its driver. These thresholds force
a shutdown and masking them with monitoring values is


  1. Get a uninterruptiple power supply that is supported by Linux/ NUT/ upsc (see links below)
  2. Setup Network UPS Tools
  3. Verify ''upsc'' prints the correct values (have a look at the folder eaton-samples)
  4. Copy this script to a local directory, e.g. /usr/local/lib64/icinga2/plugins/ (local plugin directory)
  5. Create a check command in your Icinga2 configuration
  6. Assign this check command with a Icinga2 service definition to the responsible host
  7. Enjoy UPS-aware Icinga 2
# /etc/icinga2/conf.d/constants
const PluginLocalDir="/usr/local/lib64/icinga2/plugins"

# /etc/icinga2/conf.d/commands.conf
object CheckCommand "check-upsc-local" {
    command = [ PluginLocalDir + "/" ]
    arguments = {
        "-d" = {
            value = "YOURDevice@localhost"
            description = "The device supplying power in case of line failure"
            required = true
        "-b" = {
            value = "$battery_charge_warning$"
            description = "Battery charge in percent that does not trigger WARNING yet"
            required = false
        "-r" = {
            value = "$battery_runtime_warning$"
            description = "Remaining runtime in seconds that does not trigger WARNING yet"
            required = false

# /etc/icinga2/conf.d/services.conf

apply Service "upsc" {
    import "generic-service"
    # see /usr/share/icinga2/include/plugins-contrib.d/hardware.conf
    # and local adaption in commands.conf
    check_command = "check-upsc-local"

    # default values shown
    #vars.battery_charge_warning = "50"
    #vars.battery_runtime_warning = "300"

    assign where == NodeName


Setup PNP4Nagios to graph the output, too.


With parameter -t a file can be injected instead of reading command output. Use this if your device yields an output that does not pass the check script successfully. Compare with samples in eaton-samples for the details.

# test run with an output that was recording with
# low battery and pending forced shutdown
# -t eaton-samples/status_bat_fsd


  • Standard setup of NUT renders log messages with substring UPS
  • upsmon or upsdrv sometimes die or loose connection, output then becomes Stale Data
  • Depending on the UPS critical thresholds cause system shutdown automatically thus no critical thresholds can be set through the plugin