Rocketchat notification

Notification script to send to a channel


alt text


  1. Clone the repo into /etc/icinga2/scripts/ or only put the script in this folder
  2. Set up a new incoming webhook from the admin page on your instance


  1. Create a new command :
    1. Commande type : Notification Plugin Command
    2. Command : /etc/icinga2/scripts/
    3. Arguments : you need to make the correspondance between icinga2 and the arguments used in the script
  2. Create a Notification template with the previous created command
  3. Créate a rule to apply this template on the type you want (Services or Host) 3.1 You can create specific rules to assign this notification
  4. Deply and enjoy :heart:
Argument Value
-d $icinga.long_date_time$
-e $$
-l $$
-n $host.display_name$
-o $service.output$
-r $$
-s $service.state$
-t $notification.type$
-u $service.display_name$



Based on the Slack script from : jjethwa/icinga2-slack-notification