Icinga check plugin for SAP CCMS

This plugin will be no longer maintained. We recommend to use the check_sap_health


This plugin communicates with the SAP CCMS via the RFC Protocol.

It supports unicode (use a UTF-8 Locale for best results).

Tested with V7.0 of the 64bit RFC Unicode SDK (RFC_SDK_70_redhat_64bit_UNICODE.SAR), but it should work with the 32bit version as well.

Also tested with Netweaver


See --help for usage information


./check_sap --client 000 --sysnr 00 --user SAPUSER --pass PASSWD --dest ABC --host -m listsets 
 lists all monitor sets

./check_sap ...options... -m listmonitors 'SAP CCMS Monitor Templates'
 lists the monitors in a set

./check_sap ...options... -m listtree 'SAP CCMS Monitor Templates' 'Dialog Overview'
 shows the complete tree for a monitor

./check_sap ...options... 'SAP CCMS Monitor Templates' 'Dialog Overview' 'Response'
 shows the status of all objects matching the Regex

./check_sap ...options... --fullpath 'SAP CCMS Monitor Templates' 'Dialog Overview' 'Standard.*\ResponseTime'
 As above, but the path to the object is also used


Download and extract the tarball release from

You will need autoconf to generate the configure script, and a SAP SDK needs to be installed. N.B. the SDK must be downloaded directly from SAP.


Pay attention to the messages generated by configure - they should help you check you have all the files installed that you need.

Make sure to install the libraries where the system can find them e.g.

cp RFC_SDK_70_redhat_64bit_UNICODE/lib/* /usr/local/lib

The include files in the bapi subdirectory can be regenerated using the genh command included with the classic SDK.


bin/genh ashost=... sysnr=.. user=... passwd=... BAPITNDEXT > bapi/bapitndext.h

For further options see ./configure --help