Check DataCore SANsymphonyV cluster


A Nagios/Icinga plugin to check the DataCore SANsymphonyV cluster for alerts in its monitoring.


You will need to enable both the SNMP agent of SANsymphony, as well as the Windows SNMP service.

Also make sure to setup a proper community and ACL in the SNMP service.


The plugin can try to access monitoring data via multiple addresses, and will use the first reachable result.

check_sansymphony -H 2001::db8::1,2001::db8::2 --community secure --domain udp6 --include disk,pool

Exclude by regex example:

check_sansymphony -H 2001::db8::1 --exclude-target-caption "^replica.*" --exclude-type ^VimVirtual.*

Found 2 monitors, 2 CRITICAL
type               monitorTargetCaption monitorState severity   monitorStateMessage
ScsiPortConnection Server iSCSI Port 2  Attention    [CRITICAL] Not connected
ServeriScsiPort    Server iSCSI Port 2  Critical     [CRITICAL] Not present

See --help for all arguments.

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