Check Sensormatrix Neon 100 device

Plugin: check_neon

This is a ICINGA/NAGIOS plugin for the Neon 100 device which is manufactured by Sensormetrix.

Behind the scenes

The plugin just fech the xml data from the device and probe for thresholds.


Installation is just simple. You need Python >= 2.6 to run this.

Python Setuptools

To install nagiosplugins python package you need Python Setuptools. Just make sure to have that installed. For RHEL or CentOS you can simply run

# yum install python-setuptools.noarch

nagiosplugin Module

You need the Python nagiosplugin package. More information can be found on

Extract the package, go into the directory and type

# wget
# cd nagiosplugin-1.2.1
# python install


Move the script to your favorite ICINGA resource directory, e.g.

# cp /usr/local/icinga/libexec


First, you should try that everything is working:

# ./ --host=X.X.X.X  --info
Device information:
dhcp                : 1
dst                 : 0
gmtoffset           : 0
ipaddress           : X.X.X.X
mac                 : FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF
netmask             :
powerup             : 21 days, 3 hrs, 49 min, 51 sec
productname         : Neon110
serialnumber        : 036030
time                : 03:30:33 PM
unitname            : Neon110
version             : V1.4

Sensor humidity
alarm               : 0
highalarm           : 80
lowalarm            : 20
unit                : %RH
value               : 30.67

Sensor temperature
alarm               : 0
highalarm           : 25
lowalarm            : 0
unit                : C
value               : 21.14

Probe device

Just type this:

# ./ --host=
NEON OK - temperature is 21.14 C, humidity is 30.52 %RH
| humidity=30.52;20:80;20:80 temperature=21.14;25;25

We check temperature and humidity always together. If you to not set critical or warning thresholds we'll use the Hi- and LoAlarm from webinterface

Probe with own thresholds:

# ./ --host= -c 20
NEON CRITICAL - temperature is 21.15 (outside range 0:20)
critical: temperature is 21.15 (outside range 0:20)
critical: humidity is 30.33 (outside range 0:20)
| humidity=30.33;20:80;20 temperature=21.15;25;20

Program switches:

Simple usage: ./ --host=

-h | --help

Displays a small help screen and exit

-H | --host=

Device target. This could be an ip adress of a dns hostname

-w | --warning=

Threshold for warning state. Have a look on the nagios plugin development guidelines here

-c | --critical=

Threshold for critical state. Have a look on the nagios plugin development guidelines here

-T | --timeout=

Timeout in seconds for http requests to get the data from device


Copyright (c) 2014 NETWAYS GmbH

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