Check Knuerr CoolTherm Server Cabinet sensors


This plugin monitors Knürr CoolTherm Server Cabinet sensors

MIB file is not required, OIDs are hardcoded. Knürr Cooltherm Server Cabinet manual is to be found here:

You can fetch the entire MIB file directly from the cabinet itself, it's filename should be "KNUERR-COOLCON-MIB-Vx.mib".

There is no need to configure any threshold values, they are retrieved automagically from your server cabinet. Supported sensors are temperature, humidity, smoke, water, fan and humidity. Temperature and humidity values are also available as trend data.


  • Perl libraries: Net::SNMP


check_knuerr_cooltherm -h

check_knuerr_cooltherm --man

check_knuerr_cooltherm -H  []


-H  Hostname
-C  Community string (default is "public")
    Show help page
    Show manual
    Be verbose
-V  Show plugin name and version

# ./check_kentix_multisensor -h HOST [-s COMMUNITY] [-t THRESHOLDS] [-w WARNING] [-c CRITICAL]