Check Kentix MultiSensor LAN devices


Checks the status of Kentix MultiSensor-LAN devices.


  • Python libraries: pysnmp, nagaconda (shipped)


# ./check_kentix_multisensor -h HOST [-s COMMUNITY] [-t THRESHOLDS] [-w WARNING] [-c CRITICAL]


./check_kentix_multisensor -h 
    -w temperature=~:25 \
    -c temperature=~:30

This check would be CRITICAL if one of the following conditions are met:
-The check request fails (wrong IP address, device unavailable, etc.).
-The sensor's temperature value is above 30.

The check would return a WARNING if the temperature value is above 25 unless
one of the CRITICAL conditions were encountered - in which case
the CRITICAL condition takes precedence.

Instead of manually specifying warning/critical ranges you can use the -t 1
option to use the alarm settings you configured in the device's web interface.