Check devices using the GRPS tunnel protocol


Checks if a specified device on the gprs tunnel protocol is accessible.


  • Perl libraries; Net::RawIP, NetPacket::IP, NetPacket::TCP, Net::DNS, IO::Socket, IO::Handle

Usage -h


-H <string>               Hostname (optional / default: via apn)
-I <string>               Interfacename 
-p <integer>              UDP Port (optional / default: 2123)
-P <integer>              TCP Port of the multiplex process (optional /default: 2123)

-a <string>               APN
-m <string>               MISDN
-i <string>               IMSI
-g <string>               GSN-Addresses comma seperated 
                          (optional / default InterfaceIpAddress)

-U <string>               Peer-ID (default: "")
-S <string>               Password (default: "")

-x <string>               additional hexcode to transmit (optional)
-t <integer>,...          comma seperated list of seconds for each step before plugin will stop

-s <integer>              seconds to sleep between CPCR and DPCQ (default: 1)

-n <string>               comma seperated list of nameservers to query (optional) 

-d <string>               download source 'hostname|ip|port|path'
--dl-timeout <integer>    sets the download timeout in seconds (default: 10)
--dl-not-found-warning    enable check result 'WARNING' if download results in '404 Not Found' and plugin result is not worse
--dump-to-file <path>     write dump of downloaded data to file in <path> (string)
--dump-to-screen          display dump of downloaded data on screen
--dump-check              enable checking of content length
--dump-warning            enable check result 'WARNING' if check of content length fails and plugin result is not worse
--dump-length             enable display of content length in plugin output
--dump-rate               enable display of download rate on plugin output
--dump-rate-real          enable display of real download rate on plugin output

-h, --help                display this help and exit
-V, --version             output version information and exit


$progname -I eth0 -a "" -m "+123456" -i "234103160051026"